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random sonic stuff by TheKKM
random sonic stuff
also some stuff that isn't my fancharacters

These three characters were recently, very recently, introduced into Archie. The idea is they're basically a riff on Sonic, Tails, Knuckles. Which is fine by me, problem is the designs- they're both nice and also very wasted opportunity. Spike looks like a tiger Sonic instead of a Porcupine, Sonar's colour scheme makes me a bit queasy, etc. Tried to correct some of that here.

The red lion is Gardow, by Gardow. Done by memory, so in the end it's kind of a redesign anyways?

And Supes
Sonic Fan Characters by TheKKM
Sonic Fan Characters
knockabiller got me in the mood for Sonic fancharacters so here's a rare bunch of Sonic fancharacters I have that I haven't yet recycled into independent funny cartoon designs to use elsewhere.

I generally make characters for the fun of designing them, so they don't have much of a story behind them. Let's see...

Disc the Program - designed as an experiment to make a character that'd be kind of a SEGASonic Nicole without being Nicole outright, mixed with wanting to do pretty much a Lain the Sonic. Was used as the mascot of my Sonic design blog while it was still alive. Should it be revived, she'll be there.

Tial, or Tialsu, or Tial-Su - not really MY fancharacter, made in a 4chan thread years ago by a bunch of anons based on the captcha of a post. That said, this design in specific is mine (it's basically a remaster of my Julie-Su), as is the basic backstory me and JCtheBrony thought for her (Eggman finds echidna in suspended animation, raises her for a while teaching her the modern world, becomes attached to her, tries to have her fight Sonic, she becomes more enraptured by his lifestyle, goes off to travel the world herself, Eggman's disappointed and angry but later is always happy whenever she sends him letters).

Neo the Afghan Hound is probably my first fancharacter. At the time basically just a black Knuckles. I always like Afghan Hounds, so he's been a recurring design attempt. I think this one's the best of all my goes at it though.

Red the Bat was a red Tails. I really don't remember much else about him, if I ever did anything with him. So here he is. Looks tired.

Platinum the Hedgehog was a white Sonic with ice powers and a vague connection to DJing based on that one artwork of Sonic with turntables. Here he's been turned into a she, is the DJ for the Hidden World club, and uh... probably not ice powers anymore, but likes things cold regardless? Also kinda based on Lain too, specifically the cover to the OST where it's Lain with turntables.

There. Fancharacters. Whoopee toot    


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