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Sonic Redesigns Doodle Dump #1 by TheKKM
Sonic Redesigns Doodle Dump #1
A bunch of doodles from the last few months, all together in one page, of various Sonic characters redesigned to fit my headcanons about Sonic

Let's go in order

Technicolour Dinosaurs - after I read Jojo Part 7, felt like making a Sonic based on Diego Brando. Might make him an adoptable.

Monkey Khan - sporting a mix of an urban outfit with Sun Wukong references. Based on Max the Monkey from the Sonic 1 development process, and a monkey character Naoto Ohshima recently designed for a Japanese mobile game.

Neo the Afghan Hound - an old, old fancharacter I like to draw sometimes to experiment with adapting the bits I like about Afghan Hounds into Sonic design.

Breezie the Robot Hedgehog - It's Breezie. Made by Eggman to seduce Sonic, but Sonic doesn't really care. Among other habilities, has a jack in her chest she can use to tap into any communications line.

Dinosaur Guy again - well, posing in a WRRRYYYY

Sticks the Badger - I'm imagining her living in an island. Couldn't decide what colour to go with the outfit- red is more lively, green fits the jungle.

Catty Carlisle - Playing with her design. Having the hat cover only one ear, or not.

Robotnik Jr. - A robot made by Eggman in a moment of loneliness to act as his son, ends up becoming good-natured thanks to Sonic. It's basically just AoSTH's Robotnik Jr's shape applied to classic Eggman. The bolts and marks in the face are to denote his robotic nature.

Dingo - A mercenary with lots of strength but not much in terms of brains. Can transform into various objects, thanks to the various magical gems he wears on his body- unfortunately for him, the one controlling the process is his partner-in-crime, Sleet. Based on a design I posted here a couple years ago, further simplified.

Sleet - Another mercenary. The brains of the outfit, he doesn't have much power by himself so instead he uses magic gems he got from his cousin, who works for Witchkart, to change Dingo's shape into multiple useful objects. Again, based on a design posted here a couple years ago, further simplified.

Lupe - Leader of the Wolf Pack. Given the same kind of face as Sleet, Fockewulf, Fang. Otherwise, didn't need much in terms of changes, just some stylization.

Aircraft for Witchkart's minions - based on their aircraft from Tails' Skypatrol, mixed with real WWII planes. Witchkart didn't have an aircraft, so she gets a minekart with plane parts bolted in.

Fockewulf/Fliegerwolf- Renamed due to the obvious reason regarding his name's phonetics. Basically the same as his old design, with boots (based on Luftwaffe WWII boots). No tail, for no particular reason - maybe he lost it in a fight.

Bearenger - I kept drawing him as an enormous bear, but then thought that making him a small bear with maybe a size complex would be amusing.

Carrotia - with an outfit based on WWII Italian Air Force pilot's. Nothing much else to note.

Witchkart - With a big coat. Face is based on the sprite and artwork one, with additional elements from the Unleashed humans. Had to decide whether her hair or hat was red, as the artwork mistakenly shows her with white hat brim and then a blotch of red. The sprites left only one option, though.

ROW 5 - These are all much older, I had them around, some posted on tumblr

Miss Possum - Some Sparkster influences. Still very undeveloped, of course.

Chiller - from ONE StC story. Has developed weather-control machinery. First pass at him, so far- just tried simplifying his design.

Prof. Caninestein - a researcher of time travel. Just a slight alteration of the original design- added shoes, a lighter-brown muzzle, and opaque-looking glasses.

Dr. Warpnik - insane scientist, researcher of inter-dimension travel. Has a son that works for one of Robotnik's numerous companies, and wants to be the new Eggman. Just tried to add some structure to the wacky design- his hair doesn't float anymore!

Dr. Von Schlemmer - a scientist who's part of the Organisers of the Fourth Dimension. Design based on mixing the original and the new Archie design.

Honey the Cat - basically just a simplification of the idea I had before of an Evangelion outfit for Honey, as seen in another submission on this account.    
spyro the dragon by TheKKM
spyro the dragon

how obvious is it that I hold Gamefreak’s art team as the crème de la crème of mascot design in the gaming world

I never cared much for Spyro, which is an improvement on my childhood views of most Western gaming mascots (Crash, Banjo, etc) which was outright repulse. I remember having fun chasing sheep in the first game.



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